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High i am a 3rd year nursing student.

Question, I am thinking of doing my preceptorship in ICU.

am I nuts LOL, or do you think this will be a very good experience

thanks for any input

Jennifer :rolleyes:


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I think its a great idea! I will be doing mine in the ER and ICU next semester. I really dislike medsurg, so why waste my elective area in it? :)

Good luck! Hope it goes great, keep us posted!


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It sounds like a wonderful opportunity to me. Be sure to depend on your preceptor, when you are in the ICU you are so ignorant that you will not even realize you don't know. (If you know what I mean)


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sounds fine...........don't let yourself fall through the intrested learn, and dont act like a know it all.

Why say this?

I had an ICU nurse that told her student she was precepting to "start the Heparin at 1000 an hour", so as told her she started the Heparin at 1000cc/hr. NOT 1000 units an hour! So needless to say the patient recieved 25,000 units IV in about 15 minutes.........I would not want to be that person, preceptor or student.

Just a thought! :)


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