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Hi all,

I am in my first semester of MSN-FNP program. I know that this is still early. However, I want to ask if any FNP out there are willing to train me for next summer semester 2019 in the Bay Area, CA. I need 610 hours of clinical hours for pediatric, OB-GYN, and adult practice hours. I am willing to commute, even if 1-2 hours drive. If you can, please help a nurse practitioner student like me. I really appreciate it.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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PreceptorLink - Preceptor Matching Service for NP Students

Also, even if you are in critical care (as according to your profile), Primary care/Internal medicine providers round in ICU. Each of them has his or her own network of trusted practices to refer patients into. Each of your colleagues either has her own Ob/Gyn, or female relatives/SO. Some of them also have kids who see pediatricians.

You are right to start bother about cliniclas early, but the key is not to look around on anonimous forums but to network with literally everyone you know. And if that fails, there are services like above. They charge $$$ but do all the job for you except for learning.

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