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Preceptor Needed!


Hi everyone! I am in desperate need to find a primary care/ internal medicine preceptor and/or pediatrics for Fall 2020 in Wisconsin. I need 120 hours with adults and/or 120 hours with peds. I live in Milwaukee but I am willing to drive. I have been calling a ton of places, and sites are already booked or not currently taking students due to COVID. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks 🙂

If you find out how to get one, please let me know! I took a position last year with an organization as an RN because I was supposed to be allowed clinical placement if an employee. I got 2 clinicals and now the organization went to an interview process. I was just notified That they are not allowing me a clinical site for July or September. The whole organization is very unprofessional and the whole process couldn’t be explained. Point blank if you go to a school they have in their group you’ll get a spot. It really is discrimination. All of these non profit hospitals that take government money, sure seem to discriminate, do as they wish, and preach about how the god profit schools are turning out too many providers.