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Last semester in ADN..woohoo.. everyone feels like partying.. while i am pulling (losing) my hair.. literally!! apologise for the harsh title but i want to take this out.. HELP ME YOU GUYS To know if this is acceptable?

I am precepting under an "in-charge" nurse who never takes patients herself. Instead she assigns me with different nurses on the floor.. i am left wondering- "is this what precepting is about? really? you work for other nurses??"

Then on my 2nd day working with nurse#2, I noted down the wrong BP (from CNA's notes) "before" administering BP med [i corrected it before administering the drug] I was still reported. I am absolutely cool about mistake.. i admit... BUT MY Nurse#2 could not keep her big mouth shut till the end of shift to drop this bomb on me (that i was being "reported" by another staff nurse).. AND I Tormented myself (AKA STRESSED MYSELF MAD) thinking about my fate in last semester. I was scared they are going to FAIL me. I was crying in the nurses' locker room at 10am (I work till 6pm). And yet, nurse#2 wanted me to be "OK" and take care of her 4 patients perfectly. HOW DO YOU DO THAT? IT'S LIKE YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO STAND IN A FIRING LINE AT 6pm AND you expect me to be "normal" at 10am. I could not do that. only i know, How i spent those 8hrs taking care of my patients. i was trembling in fear..on day#2...

Another incident (this is ALL on Day #2): Nurse#2 has seen me hang IV bags and piggys and she is confident I know my IV stuff..BUT I am NOT that confident..HELLLLLLOOO?? Can you plz accompany me to your patient's room while i am pushing Dilaudid down his veins to "WATCH" me do it.... i thought i wasn't "Licensed" to do that ALL BY MYSELF yet?? [Plz note I am precepting on this floor and i am not ranting about my preceptor because she has tagged me to be with nurse#2 for the day.. my preceptor will never be part of this she is NOT part of my clinical experience so far].

Yet another incident: Pt is a chronic IV drug abuser.. :smokin: i know he is LYING when he says he is having 5/5 pain on his fresh fractured hip surgery site.. I know previous nurses have documented his pain to be 2/5 {to state it is "well controlled and tolerable"}... BUT Here's the DEAL... I ASKED HIM- AND HE SAID 5/5...Yeah he looks all comfy but he is demanding his pain meds... i know he might be FAKING it...BUT I HAVE TO DOCUMENT THE TRUTH... IF HE SAYS 5...I AM WRITING 5...while my nurse#2 ran out of PRN drugs and wanted me to put 1-2/5 in every column...

:uhoh3: so my question to all the students who have gone through their precetorship and all the nurses- "IS THIS ACCEPTABLE?? IS THIS WHAT PRECEPTING IS LIKE??" Should I talk to my school teachers about it?.. hey i was kinda mad the 1st day itself when i found out- I won't have an exclusive preceptor to myself... i have floor nurses who will tell you a thing or two about dressing change "when they are not THAT busy".. i am feeling deprived of this experience and i am starting to turn bitter towards nursing on the whole [in my LAST SEMESTER] Its like i've been looking through rosy glasses and now after 3 years, this is NOT what i signed up for... coz I would HATE to work with such nurses.. SORRY If I wrote a lot BUT I feel very hurt. I know i love myself and i cannot go cry in locker rooms everyday to ease my pain and then pretend to be "OK" on the floor and report off PREFECTLY on 4 patients... I am still a STUDENT Without my License...:mad: What do i do?? :confused:

Congrats on being on the last semester.:D I just started my preceptor yesterday. Of course, everyone experience is going to be different. In theory, it would be wonderful that you don't have to preceptor with the same nurses everyday. You have the opportunity to see other nurses methods, techniques, and tips.

Today (my second day), It came to me that I'm going to be finish nursing school in a couple days. Luckily, my preceptor lets me have alot of autonomy and I take alot of initiative in care for my patients. You are not going to know everything. You are going to make mistakes. It's how you learn. Precepting is YOUR big transition from being a student to "real" RN. Yea, you are a student, but you are going to be taking boards and get your licensed soon.

It was day 2. You can tell your school of the situation so that they are aware of the situation, and see what day three is like. It could be totally different. Since you are not going to be with the same person, try to see if there is someone who will take the time or work with you.

I hope it helps!! Good luck with everything and hope it works out!!! :)

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As an instructor, I would want to know about this. The nurse who told you to falsify documentation is not a good example, and I would not want a student placed with that nurse. The proper way to chart this would be to report what the patient states and anything that could give a complete picture of what occurred such as behavioral clues to pain. As experienced nurses, it does frustrate us to encounter drug seekers, BUT we can only suspect, never actually know what another goes through or doesn't. JCAHO mandates pain assessment, documentation, and treatment. The primary care provider should be notified and will make the ultimate decision to continue or dc pain meds.

I do hope your next days will be better, but in any case, your nursing instructor/professor needs to know that this has not been a beneficial placement. I agree with the above advice on trying to find someone willing to work with you in a collegial and patient manner.

Also, the nurse you are working with shows poor judgment. This nurse is ultimately responsible for the care of this patient. I can guarantee you that as the primary nurse for my patient, NO ONE will be administering medications to my patient except me unless I am directly supervising them or if I am running the code and an ACLS proficient coworker gives the meds. Mistakes can and do happen, especially when a student is still learning to prioritize and manage daily care loads. I would not want to be this nurse's patient. Not that you are not competent, but it shows a lack of good sense to allow someone else to give an IVP narc to your patient without your supervision. I would love to see this nurse stand in front of your state's BON and explain why THAT was a good idea if something should happen. PS- I would not agree to that again. Check your school's policy and your state BON rules on what students can/can't do unsupervised. Ours says no treatments or meds unless directly supervised by a licensed nurse.

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