pre-requisites for micro and chemistry?



I am going to Sac State here in Cali and it requires other science class before I can take microbiology. Same with Chemistry. Anyone going through the same situation...


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Hi hapiyogi...some schools have chem as a prerequisite for their general micro class because its heavily chem-based. Some schools, like mine, have medical microbiology with no pre-req class needed. My intro to chem class has an advisory for elementary algebra, but brush up on metric conversions since there's a lot of demensional analysis math. Good luck! :specs:


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i was so heated:argue:. it would have pushed me back a few semesters. i already have a degree. but, because it was over 5 years it doesn't count. i figure i would take them both together and just do my best. however when i went to register for the classes, they didn't even ask me for proof of pre-requisites :eek:.go figure!!!! i'm taking chem. now and they never asked me about math. they don't have any of my transcripts. even though i took college algebra and got an a. i wander if next spring, if i just register for bio 201 would i get in? mmmmmmmmm:devil:


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We are required to have A&P I&II prior to Micro......

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I'm required to have AP I before Micro, but AP I doesn't have any pre-reqs aside from elementary math and reading assessments. A lot of schools require Chem before AP, so I thought that a bit strange *shrugs*


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Our school requires chem befor micro...and some of the teachers listed that you had to have chemistry in the past 5 yrs for it to count.

I have an EE degree from 1984. They didn't give me any trouble registering for micro. :D

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