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pre-reqs with no prior science experience

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I am starting back college after dropping out two years ago due to me getting pregnant. the required pre-reqs for the nursing program at my school are nutrition, psychology, Microbiology and a & p 1 and 2. I'm having a hard time planning out what to start off with. In high school I was not a very good student never really learned much in my science classes so I don't have much of a science background. Is it realistic of me to think ill be able to pass these classes with ultimately no science knowledge ?

If you are not a good student to begin with, you really need to take baby steps AND only do one of your required science pre-reqs at a time.

First off, check w/ the school where you are planning on taking these classes at because most of these classes require pre-reqs of their own. For example, most A&P & Micro classes will probably require a General College Biology course to have been taken to even be able to register for them. Most any biological science courses require that a general college biology course be taken.

Then check the pre-reqs for each of the required classes because those may require a college level math (algebra and/or stats), sometimes Chemistry, OR you may even have to take one class prior to taking another. Perhaps for Micro they might require AP1 or something of that nature.

You need to look through the course catalog of the college you are at or contact an advisor so they put you on a path where you are taking the correct classes in the correct order, or can verify you took the correct class in the past, in order to take what you need.

On a good note, you might be able to get Nutrition & Psych out of the way right of the bat. The nutrition & psych classes usually anybody can take as they tend to be general education classes. Just make sure you take the right ones you need for nursing school.

Good luck!

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I have been out of school for more than 15 years with little science experience. The desire to learn is what will provide you with success.

My AP 1 and Intro Chem finals are this week and I should finish with A’s in both (fingers crossed!) I’m also taking AP2 and Micro this Summer within a 8 week condensed program.

I’m a single mom of 2 wonderful and high energy children. It hasn’t been easy especially with the move to online learning but I have enjoyed both of these courses.

If you’re nervous just start with one course - I would recommend AP1. I really liked this course as the information has been very interesting.

Good luck and remember that you can be successful in anything that you put your time and effort into!