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I was wondering if anyone knew of an accredited college that offers classes that can start when you sign up for them rather than at the beginning of a "normal" semester?

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Some schools offer shorter semesters (e.g. 8-week sessions), and some State colleges offer shorter summer semesters (shorter than even a normal summer semester). NAU (National American University) is regionally accredited and offers nursing classes in some States, but they are pricey. However, their classes transferred into all nursing schools I applied to, and their sessions are only about 10 weeks. Be careful about the science prerequisites though. All schools I applied to required the science prerequisites (AP I & II, Microbiology) to have a lab segment on campus. This means you either take the whole course on campus or find a school that offers a hybrid class, in which the lecture part is online and you show up on campus once a week for a lab session. Purely online science courses were not accepted. All other prerequisites (Statistics, Psych, Nutrition, etc) could be taken online.

Hope that helps!

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Contact the school you want the degree program as well. See what schools they recommend for prerequisites, or if there are certain online schools that they will not accept credit from.

My University received about 1000 applications/year for the variety of programs we offer (BSN, MSN, doctoral), so we are very familiar with this question. Not all online or for-profit schools are the same.


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Thanks you two, I will keep that in mind!

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