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Pre-reqs in NYC


Hey Guys,

So I've very recently taken an interest in going back to school for an accelerated BSN.

I'm running into trouble finding schools to complete the pre-requisite courses, though!

I'm a teacher in NYC, so I've got entire summers to complete the classes - but my issue is that most summer sessions begin while I'm still teaching and I can't take time off (as most people can't). Just starting here to see if anybody has any suggestions for schools to check out in the NYC metro that offer the appropriate classes and perhaps have evening class times.

CUNY has yet to post most of their summer sessions, so I'm having a hard time there as well.

Upstate is also an option as I don't have any obligations over the summer.

Or, hey, is it even easier to take evening classes during fall and spring semesters?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Just as background - I've got an undergrad degree in biology, so I'm only looking for a few classes: microbio, A&P II, nutrition, and maybe stats.


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Check out Cayuga Community College in upstate New York. Most all of the prereq courses you need they offer online, including simulated labs. And since you are a NY resident you benefit from state tuition also. I think with the demands of your job you could actually make that work.

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BTW, I took a couple of my prereqs online at another school when I was living in another state, and the transcript does not indicate that the courses were taken online ... Just in case you were concerned about that.

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i worked full time while taking classes at CUNY. CUNYs are the best options as they have variety of schedules including evenings and weekend classes and are the most affordable. For science courses, i prefer to take them inperson than online. So online was not an option for me.