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You might see if you can qualify for in state tuition since your husband is in the military. I have no idea if that works at that school/in that state, but I know people who have gotten in state tuition due military relocations.

Also, I think you should call potential schools in the area that you would transfer to and see what credits they accept. For example, one school I wanted to go to only accepted one specific nutrition (not Nutrition 101 like I assumed) so it is really important to check so you don't do extra work!

Ahh yes, all very good points. Nursing school pre reqs you would think are pretty universal, but at some schools they aren't. For example, I'd say 4/5 schools I was looking at will take a 3 credit bio elective, but the other schools require gen chem, which I couldn't take in time to make the application date.

It pays to do homework WAY in advance, just to see what schools accept. You want to check out the schools around you and line up your plan for pre reqs in accordance to those. Unless you were a science major (I wasn't) chances are you will have to strategically pick your electives.


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Marking my spot. I live in Trinity; I might be able to help.

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