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I'm a pre nursing student, and next year will be the last year I will be finishing all my pre recs for the nursing program.

I've been going to school already for almost two years and I've finished a lot of my pre recs already.

I've also finished classes that I need to transfer out to San Francisco State University where I will attend to get my BSN.

BUT my question is (and idk about other states but this may apply for Ca nurses and pre nursing student already).

Do the people that review your application only look at the core pre recs like Human Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology; also look at your grades in other subjects like Chemistry, or like math, or like any class?

Cause I know they just look at the those three classes and of course your gpa.

But what I mean is will they look at your like lets say chemistry class and make a judgment on that as well?

Cause I have a good amount of family members who got A's, B's, and C's in those core classes, but got in as well.

The point of my question, do they weigh the importance of those subjects as heavy and as they weigh really non core pre recs?

(chemistry,math,social sciences, etc)

Idk if I confused some but if you understood what I wrote and let me know.

Thank you!


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At my school, you need at least a 2.5 to apply to the nursing program. If you take Micro, A&P 1 and 2, before you start the nursing program (which you're supposed to take during the nursing program), then you'll get extra points. So if you get an A in Micro, that's 4 points, etc. As long a you have a high GPA and did good in your Biology courses, I see no problems getting accepted.

At my school....chemistry and basic math isn't part of the program but it's a prereq to take A&P and another math. So since they're not a part of the actual program, they didn't count towards my GPA. Anything a part of the program does, including english 1&2, soc, etc. Good luck!


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At my school, chem is part of the required for admit and is included in the GPA but not considered as heavily as bio/A&P. In general the core pre-reqs count more than the others, but the others are still counted and might make the differance between two otherwise equally qualified folks.

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