You're going to Community College? - page 9

Ok, I'm sure this isn't a new topic. I am just quite frankly surprised at a few reactions I've received. Everyone I've told, that I'm going back to school, is overwhelmingly happy that I'm doing... Read More

  1. by   blondegenes
    I've been called everything from a CNA to a RN,,but these days my patients think I'm their very own concierge.
  2. by   DCoffill
    GRRR, I get this all the time as which ive learned to say. "my community college holds the highest nclex pass rate out of all the schools in the area at 100%. Also they have a completly updated lab with there own SIM patients"
  3. by   mariposabella
    I would go to a community college to get an ADN then do an RN-BSN program, but I already have most of pre-reqs so it would just be easier for me to go straight for a BSN. Nothing is wrong with going to a community college. The cc in my area has a higher pass NCLEX pass rate than the local university. The BSN program at the university also sucks and was on probation last year. Sucks that I have to move for school.
  4. by   savnlivzPRN
    Well i'm currently going to cerritos and rio hondo and people usually don't give me stink face but even if they did I have my pride inside where thier lil poo-poo looks and belittling comments cant reach. I'm no longer into the whole "what school do you go to?" deal. I just want my RN... so i'm willing to go where ever they take me be it ADN or BSN... Just i'll still be an RN regardless of degee and if I get an ADN first I can ALWAYS go back for more...

    keep you head held high!!
  5. by   Sjsmith92
    don't listen to them, you are doing something to better your life and make you happy so why does their negative opinion matter? A LOT of people I know are attending community colleges and I think its great! Along with the tuition being lower at community colleges its an easier way to commute for people who don't want to live on campus. I think its great what your doing and just think about where its going to bring you in the end and not let other peoples remarks get to you!
  6. by   SomedayIWillBe
    I would love to go the community college near me! I just get nervous with all the talk about ADN's getting passed over for BSN's these days. However, when I finally get to that point, I guess I will go wherever they accept me, and do it with a smile.