Worried about not getting in nursing program, back up majors to transfer to?

  1. Hello fellow pre-nursing or nursing students!! I am pretty sure that this topic has came up often but I am new to this website.. so please bear with me and help me with my problem to your best extent! I really appreciate it!

    I am a student at Cal State, Bakersfield and I will find out whether of not I get into the nursing program there in July or August 2012. This wait is very very nerve wrecking....I have went from a community college and to the university, so yeah I am a transfer. My nursing advisor at the campus tells me that the closes major that they offer to their students that has most of the nursing prerequisites is Associates of Arts Degree in Human Biological Sciences. This is what the flyer that she handed me out says:

    The curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts
    Degree in Human Biological Sciences
    includes a specific set of courses
    designed to provide students with a
    foundation in Biology in Human/Health
    related fields. Students who complete
    this degree option may enter into
    several different career paths such as:
    biomedical/pharmaceutical sales,
    public/county health, health
    care/assisted living, health care office
    staff and food industry.

    I am not sure if I am interested to pursue this major but I am enrolled in some of the courses for the Fall 2012 quarter in case I do not get into the nursing program by July/August.

    I have a license in phlebotomy (CPT-1) so I can actually work for a bit in the laboratory setting but this job is not a good paying job, it is enough to pay the bills because I am from San Francisco, California and the living expense there is rather high... I have also been looking up the Clinical Science program at the campus but the classes are not what I am sure if I am interested, most of them is biology and chemistry but it is the physics courses that I am worried about. I am not very good with mathematics and physics consists of a heavy load of physics... I AM though for sure interested in the Clinical Laboratory Science program because during my externship in acquiring my license for phlebotomy, I got the chance to witness what the CLS does in the back.

    All your comments, opinions, suggestions, and advices are much appreciated! Thank you very much!!
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  3. by   willowita
    I've heard that CLS is a field that will be growing because the workforce is older and there aren't a lot of people to take over. So there will be more demand as people retire. Though, who really knows.

    But if you want to be a nurse, have you considered applying to other CSUs? I know it's an impacted major at every campus but if you can move elsewhere, you should apply and see what happens.

    Would you consider an ADN instead? You could then apply for an RN to BSN program. There are more ADN programs in CA, though also impacted.

    Personally, I wouldn't get a biology degree but if you are considering it, why a BA and not a BS in biology?
  4. by   Cali_Nurse_209
    Before I was accepted to the BSN program @ CSU Stanislaus for this fall, I had looked into other majors as a back up plan. I looked into Biological Sciences and Health Science because a lot of the classes I took were required for those majors. Go with whatever interests you. But if nursing is what you want to do, there are other options like going to a community college to get your RN then transitioning to BSN. I'm a transfer student also. Don't give up hope @ Bakersfield though. I say that because when I got my letter for the BSN program I was initially Alternate #9 and last month they called me and said a spot had opened up and I accepted. Stay positive because you never know what can happen.
  5. by   >JustBreathe<
    Have you heard from CSUB? I know a few people that got acceptance emails yesterday.