working part-time during nursing school

  1. I'm starting nursing school at St. Vincent's in Queens this fall 2009. I am looking for a a part-time job, because nursing school will be full time during the day. Anyone have any ideas on what jobs would be ideal, what could I apply for, and what has worked out for you?

    thanks any tips and suggestions during my job search would help alot!
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  3. by   mustangmona
    I'm in the same boat as you. From what I've been told that I should try to be a CNA before school starts and I should be able to work in a hospital doing PRN work.
  4. by   mariposabella
    I want to be a CNA to work part time. It would be so much better than what I do now which is being a waitress. I REALLY REALLY REALLY HATE being a waitress. My father was telling me that he was talking to someone at his job and they told him that CNA's get paid very little and they get worked to death and treated like crap. One of my Aunts is a CNA and she LOVES it and is going for her LPN late this year. The ONLY good thing about being a waitress is that I only work Fri through Sun. I think if you become a CNA that would be good. Its good experience.
  5. by   mustangmona
    Good luck in what you decide.
  6. by   guiltysins
    Most nursing students are strongly advised to not work during their schooling. Are you doing pre-reqs or the actual nursing classes? Best bet would be a hospital job obviously and some hospitals have internships for students after they complete their fundamentals in nursing class.
  7. by   mustangmona
    I will be starting nursing classes in the fall. I'm not currently working right now and have all of my support classes completed so I will be completely focused for what is next to come. I've been told that the hospital's will hire you once you've completed your first semester of classes. That is what I am aiming for.
  8. by   Gettin it 2gthr
    When I first started the LPN program, both of my instructors made it seem like you needed to be working in the medical field if you were going to work at all. To them it only made sense that you have a job as a CNA or something related if you had a true desire to be a nurse. I agreed, but do what you have to. And as a CNA myself, I found the job very rewarding and it is true that you don't make a whole lot starting out, but you may get with an employer that will pay for school and they may also work with your schedule. I would think that a nursing facilty would be more prone to work with your schedule and support your goals quicker than other types of employers. Your learning benefits them as well as you and you can learn from the other nurses.
  9. by   vixnnet
    I work in a Spa as a massage therapist. You could make maybe 200 a weekend working 4-5 hours/day depending on where you live.