wonderlic test

  1. have you taken the wonderlic test? it is that 50 question 12 minutes test...

    i took and my score was 27 to enter the program they were taking 24 and up but looking for at least 26

    have you taken it?

    i scored 27 due to the fact of some proverbs in wich i was not familiar with!
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  3. by   HartlessRedhead1
    Never heard of it.....
  4. by   RnBound0510
    I had to take it to be considered at the job where I am at now. You had to make a certain score for HR to even consider you. It's been a while since I took it... I do remember math and stuff. Wasn't it random questions on different subjects?
  5. by   9livesRN
    yes, it tests your iq
  6. by   GizmosMom
    Those proverb questions on the Wonderlic were really crazy! I was like, huh???
  7. by   9livesRN
    what was your score?
  8. by   GizmosMom
    I got a 31 on Wonderlic, Csantos, but English is my first language. I'm impressed that you did so well on it because I know English is not your first language Those crazy proverbs!
  9. by   9livesRN
    I know!!! even though i do speak write and understand really good and also finish my proficiency course in english, proverbs were a pain, reason being you just cant interpretate them neither translate! you either know them or you don'!, some others were not that complicated...

    but i wish i had more than 27!
  10. by   GizmosMom
    As long as you get in with 27 or whatever your number is, you're in. Then it's on to the next step

    A bird in hand is worth more than two in the bush.

    Whatever you've got is better than what you might (or might not) be able to get. So if your Wonderlic number get you in, you're in!

    The grass is greener on the other side of the fence.

    I've always thought it was just different grass

    I know I know, Csantos, I just couldn't help it with the proverbs
  11. by   morte
    wonderlic.com looks like an Preemployment tool, what does it have to do with NS?
  12. by   9livesRN
    at least i can get those lol!
  13. by   9livesRN
    i had to take that test to apply to the university, at least here in central florida i had to take that in 3 schools!
  14. by   GizmosMom
    From morte:

    wonderlic.com looks like an Preemployment tool, what does it have to do with NS?

    It only took 12 minutes to take so it gives an admissions type something to look at quickly to see how you're able to think.