Which one is better to take on summer? A&P or Micro? - page 3

Hi guys, I know it's too early to plan on summer courses, but I need to ask your opinion about which route to take. This semester I'm taking Gen Bio, so I can go for A&P 1 during summer. I'm not... Read More

  1. by   SopranoKris
    Quote from Farrah 34
    I double checked with my school adviser and she said the pre-req for Micro is either gen bio or A&P 1
    so I can take Micro before A&P 1
    Will it be ok to take Micro before A&P 1? Or should I wait? I'm taking General Bio this semester and it doesn't seem to be hard. I like it.
    Personally, I don't think it matters if you take Micro before or after A&P 1. The only thing from A&P that crossed over in to Micro was when we covered antibiotic resistance. But there was definitely no need for one class before or after the other.
  2. by   Candor29
    I took AP I the summer of 2016, AP II and Chemistry Fall 2016, and Micro in the Spring 2017. I recommend taking Micro after AP I and II. Micro had numerous subjects rolled into one. Chemistry info toward the beginning of the book, different body systems towards the end of the book, and various Biology topics mentioned throughout the text.
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