Which is harder A&PI or A&PII? - page 2

Just wondering from everyone who has taken both. I'm in A&PI right now and am maintaining an A but it feels like a constant struggle. I don't feel like I'm really understanding the information as... Read More

  1. by   SoulShine75
    Quote from kayel
    Ours spans 2 semesters and I'm in the middle of the first one right now so I can't answer but I'm finding it ok but hard. The thing is, I don't find it hard to understand, just hard to remember everything and have it sink in, kwim? It is pretty much completely taking over my life in some ways!
    Thanks everyone for responding. I'm with you kayel I don't find it hard to understand...there is just SO MUCH to understand. I'm hoping A&P II doesn't kill me considering I'll be taking it along with my 1st semester of nursing school. Ugh! Hopefully I do well....we'll see.
  2. by   suzi_h
    I'd have to say II, trying to figure out everything and understand it...whew! But, memorization is fairly easy for me. I loved 'em both, isn't that sick?!