Where did my antibodies go?

  1. Hello All,

    I am new to this site and will be starting the LVN
    nursing program in May of this year.

    I have had so many injections that I feel like I glow in the dark!

    I am trying to understand how my titers for MMR and
    Varicella came back negative when I had a raging case
    of chicken pox and I also had mumps as a child.

    How could the titers be negative?

    So far, I have had HepB #1, HepB #2, Tetanus,
    TB test, MMR, and Varicella injections. I still have HepB #3
    and the follow up MMR and Varicella to look forward to.

    Any explanations as to where my antibodies went? Please?

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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    I never developed varicella antibodies after having the pox twice. Who knows?
  4. by   bellasalsera
    I had to be vaccinated three times against Rubella (German measles) before I devleoped antibodies.
  5. by   nurseofalltrades
    I went thru my three step hep series, had an unfortunate needle stick. When ED took blood to test I had zero antibodies. No one can give me a definate answer why. Will I be forever unprotected or will it work if I do round two?
  6. by   bflogrl
    I know!! Where DO those little buggers go?? I had the HepB series of three and no antibodies developed so they had to give me a 4th injection. Polio? Yeahh, I had all those shots as a child (no little sugar cubes for me). Zero antibodies left-- he had to give me another shot. I guess it's just one more thing with getting old!