When is HCC offering HESI again??

  1. I missed getting into the HESI entrance test during the spring as all slots were full. They told me to call back mid May as the test would be offered in the summer. Called back mid May was told nothing yet, call back end of May.

    Called end of May was told to call back mid June as nothing yet. I called this week and was again told nothing yet maybe in July, but they arent sure if there will be any HESI tests offered in the summer!

    UGH, I really need to take this HESI test to get into Pharm in the Fall!! I wanted to get into Pharm during the summer, but missed the HESI in the spring. This just feels like I'm blowing a year and was really shooting for the Spring start. I have taken all my other pre-req's just missing this hesi/pharm...
    I read recently that now the new thing at HCC is if you take pharm you have to wait a semester before applying for the program!

    Does anyone have any advice, info on what the heck is going on down there, why are there no HESI tests being offered in the summer??!! Can ya tell I'm just a tad frustrated!!


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  3. by   bananimal
    There are lots of HCC's out there, you might wana add what school you are talking about, you'll get more answers that way. (:
  4. by   Ang_1
    Thanks :wink2:
    I'm referring to Houston Community College...