When do I apply to nursing programs?

  1. My advisor although she is a very sweet lady seems to have very limited knowledge in advisement so i'm coming to you lovely people for help. Im nearing the end of my second semester at my local community college and so far I have completed
    English 101 and Introduction to Lit
    Psych 101 and Developmental
    Gym credit

    That being said I have 2 semesters to go since i'll need AP2 and micro for any program I get into. But am I supposed to wait until I have all my prereqs done to apply?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Some schools will let you apply with a prerequisite in progress, or you can take X number of required classes along with nursing courses. Some schools require all prerequisite courses to be complete before the application is made. You need to speak to another knowledgeable person at the nursing school to get the right answer for that program. I would just walk into the nursing department office and tell the receptionist what your question is. At my school, the personnel in the office fielded most student questions. They will make an appointment for you if necessary.
  4. by   shasta13
    At my school, having any outstanding pre-reqs automatically puts you into the 4th tier of applicants to be considered. Your chances of getting in would be slim. Other schools are different; I know of some that will allow 1 outstanding pre-req but no more. You need to find out what your school requires and what the application deadlines are. I had a classmate this past semester think she could apply for a fall start for nursing school only to find out that applications were due in late April and our semester didn't end until May 5, which meant transcripts wouldn't be updated in time for a fall start.