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  1. Hi. I'm hoping someone here can give me some advice.

    I'm starting my third semester of pre-nursing classes this week. I've mostly A's so far and one B. However, I took Pharmacology last semester and it was HARD. They only offer it as a 2 credit distance class which I found odd considering it was much harder than A&P in my opinion. My final grade was a 69, but the instructor was nice and rounded it up to a C. I was hoping to do better in that class since it's a nursing core class and I figured and A in it would look much better on my application than a C. There was so much material to learn in such a small time that I just crammed in as much as I could for the weekly tests and then forgot it all right after hitting the submit button when the test was done.

    My question is, would you retake the class if it were you? I'd love to have a better grade in it and would have liked to have retained some more of the information, but the way it's set up I'm not sure I'd do any better if I took it again.

    Thanks in advance for any responses.

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  3. by   amybethf
    My class was also alot of info but the teacher made the class hard to fail with hand-out's, and 50 review questions for each test that u could turn in if u failed for a max 69% plus he gave EC. Sounds like your teacher was a bit more intensive! Pharmacology is important for nursing but if just want to retake for a higher grade, I wouldn't. If your GPA is otherwise high, I wouldn't waste the money. Review your book or buy a drug guide for nursing. You'll have time in your program to 're-learn' the drugs. Maybe you'll find that u have retained more than u thought!
  4. by   RN2bemommyof3
    if your schools nursing program weighs gpa heavily for acceptance then i would definitely retake the course.
    if you have already been accepted then i would take amybethf's advice and use the money to invest in a good drugs for nursing book.
    good luck!

  5. by   JoJo_Ga_Girl
    If you are in...relax. Revisit the material and get more familiar with it. If you aren't...retake.
  6. by   ontocrna
    My school deducts points to get into the program for any retakes unless the class is 8+ years old. Might want to consult a counselor to make sure it won't hurt you down the road.