What is your A&P class like?

  1. I went to class for the first time last Thursday and was pleasantly surprised to find out what my course entails. The exams are broken down into four units, so there is no midterm or final. Just four seperate units of stuff to learn and then not worry about . We have to write four papers, one for each unit, but those are the only assignments for the class. We have to disect a cow's eye, a sheep's heart and a sheep's brain. NO cats or fetal pigs! Besides memorizing all the body parts and figuring out the lecture stuff too, it doesn't seem so overwhelming after all. I went in there kind of scared but I think it's going to be fun now ! My professor even gives extra credit and seems soooooooooooooo into helping us manage her class. If I don't get an A it's my own darn fault! So what is everyone else's workload like? My class is a combined A&P 1 and 2 in one semester.
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  3. by   WannaBeMaleRN
    I hope it all goes well for you but I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you find out how much in detail it really is. Four papers in my semister is alot with the material that has to be learned. Good Luck.
  4. by   narcissistic
    It's my 3rd week of A&P 101 & already I'm stressing out. As I type this, I have got exacty 8 hours to study for my first A&P chapter test (which I haven't done yet). I'm such a horrible procrastinator:uhoh21: . This semester we will dabble with cat and human cadavers. Should be interesting.
  5. by   live4rachael
    We only dissect 1x in A&P 1 but apparently a lot more in A&P 2 in the spring. We'll be doing a sheep's brain later in the semester.
    4 tests plus a cumulative final (yikes), 2 practicals in lab, plus quizzes along the way. No papers though.
  6. by   matsgrl
    I've had two classes. We attend M/W/F for lecture and I go 3 hrs on Tues for lab.

    For lecture, she seems very helpful and has high ratings on www.ratemyprofessors.com

    She gives us a chapter handout which we go over and we can write in what we want but she pretty much gives it to us what she wants. She said we do NOT have to bring the book to class. We have weekly quizzes and 4 major tests with a comprehensive final. (ugh)

    Lab: Not gone yet, tomorrow is first day. I know that we work a lot with fetal pigs and in A&P2, we work with cadaver. I've been told that both AP 1&2 are constant work, work, work!!

    So far, I feel at ease with my instructor. Sometimes you just get a bad feeling or an unsettling feeling. Not so with this one. She also gives tons of extra credit and drops our lowest quiz score.
  7. by   MIKelly
    I am kind of confused about lab. My take on it is that we just go there and play with the body dummies for reference and cut stuff up once in a while??? We don't get graded on anything in lab besides the lab practicals and extra credit pop quizzes. We don't get graded on disecting (thank goodness!). I almost have my first paper done, it will be nice to not have another one due for two months .