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What is an A&P lab exam like? I am asking this question, as this is the first time I have ever taken a college level science with an accompanying lab. Do I have to memorize diagrams? Do I need to... Read More

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    my lab exams were different than everyone elses... our teacher had the entire class buy USB flashdrives & upload powerpoints that he gave us with thousands of pictures of structures. for our lab exams, he'd do a slide show with pictures of structures (not necessarily the same pictures he gave us to study in the powerpoints) & we had to identify them. there were hundreds of possible structures to memorize in each section & we were tested on 50. spelling counted. if you misspelled an answer, it was wrong. they were REALLY difficult & stressful tests (i studied weeks ahead of time for hours a day), but definitely interesting & kind of fun.

    this is what we are doing for our Micro exam next week, I have been studying since we started a month ago I feel prepared, except for the dang spelling!