What is a "titer result"?

  1. I am looking over the immunization schedule for my nursing school. I'm trying to remember where I had my last immunizations at, so I can get a copy.

    I noticed something that read...

    Rubella Titer Results____ Immunity Confirmed. Yes__ No____

    They had the same thing for chicken pox.

    My issue is, I have never had rubella, but I know I have received the MMR not that long ago (probably 5 years)...but I have had chicken pox, and it has the same question.
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  3. by   Sarah LnDHopes
    A titer is a blood draw where they test to see if you have antibodies at a certain level to determine immunity.

    So if you received an MMR shot, and you had chicken pox, your titers most likely would show immunity, but not necessarily, in which case you would need to get vaccinated.

  4. by   luvmy3kids
    Just an FYI... I had trouble located my immunization records as we had moved a few times and changed clinics too. My clinics didn't have my old records and my mom and lost the info somewhere along the moves...

    Anyway... I found that my high school records (from 15 years ago) were still on file. They have them on microfilm so I just had to order them by phone and go in and sign for them. Also, my college records where still on file.

    I just thought that if you were having trouble remembering or located them, you might want to try your old schools.....

    Take care!

  5. by   MB37
    A titer should show immunity whether you acquired it through vaccination or through exposure to the disease. Occasionally a vax doesn't take, and you may have to receive it again. I've had to have titers drawn done a couple of times. If you have insurance just make an appointment and show them the form; if you don't then your student health center is usually less expensive. If you actually need some of the shots - if you haven't had HBV for example - the county health department usually offers several for really cheap.
  6. by   destined2bCRNA
    Also, be sure to check with your NS because they may want titers anyways whether you had immunizations or not. I know my school does- which wasn't an issue as I don't have any records eventhough I know that I got them. My school still requires that you get a titer for Rubella, Varicella, Hepatitis, and something else that I can't remember, lol. It was a lot easier than trying to hunt down old records from doctors that moved out of the country.
  7. by   Nikki422
    DEFINITELY go to your local health department if you need to have titers drawn..mine saved me a small fortune last year as my health insurance wouldn't pay for titers and I was required to have them..some of my classmates paid several hundred $$, but thankfully, everything was free at the health department..WHEW!!
  8. by   VIXEN007
    I didn't qualify for the Health Dept. I decided to have the vax, because if my titers were too low, I would have to pay for the vax anyway. They both cost the same, so I possibly saved $90 by getting the vax. Or, I re-exposed myself to the virus. I also got a Tdap and a a TB skin test. I felt like a pincushion, but I kept moving my arms and it got better.