What can I do to increase my chances of getting accepted?

  1. Hi everyone
    I hope I am not in the wrong area but, as I am a pre-nursing student, I think I've found the right place! I am a 22 year old female who recently graduated with a BA in Psych in 2012. I also had my daughter around the same time and I realized after having her and getting involved in birthing methods and research, that I really feel called to become a CNM. I considered med school for awhile, but with a family to support I just don't really think it's realistic. I also have real problems with the philosophies of the medical model. I think nursing is a much better fit. I am starting my pre-reqs this summer and plan to apply to nursing programs in the TX area, mostly Bacc2s (accelerated) programs and then probably an AE program at UT. My question is what can I do to boost my chances of getting into nursing school? I know of course to get started volunteering and make good grades, but what else can I do to make my application stand out? I graduated cum laude witha 3.64 GPA and am a member of Phi Kappa Phi. Should I focus specifically on getting volunteer experience in OB/GYN and L&D, or should I try to shadow/volunteer in a wide variety of areas?

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   zoe92
    I would really focus on volunteering and maybe become certified as a CNA (through a community college or locally offered class). I think showing the admissions team that you have related experience will really help you become the whole package (in addition to an excellent academic applicant).
  4. by   chibiRN
    Even if they don't ask for it in your application packet, include 1 or 2 letters of recommendation. I had 1 from my boss and another from a client of mine that also happened to be a nurse practitioner. The first time I applied (without the letters) I was denied, and with the letters, and no other changes I got in! Best of luck!
  5. by   acmj
    Thanks so much I'll definitely look into both of those!
  6. by   Exhaustipated
    Take a look at the schools you're considering, and find out what they consider when looking at applicants. With my school (which is in a different state), you could volunteer until you're blue in the face and work you fingers to the bone as a CNA and it wouldn't make a difference. They look at your GPA in the pre-requisites and your entrance exam scores. That's it.

    If you can, once you decide which schools you want to try for, contact their nursing program directors or coordinators. If you ask directly, you will usually get direct answers and oftentimes, helpful advice.

    Good luck!