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  1. Hi all! I was wondering... has anyone attended the LVN program by WCC? If so, how much is the cost? (In the Bay area)


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  3. by   ostomyrn2b09
    YEP, I already looked into that...they never tell you the cost until after you have met with an advisor, and then you have to take a test...and you aren't even guaranteed to get into the program...out of the thousands of applicants that apply..they only accept like 30!!!??? I was shocked when they announced this b/c I just assumed that hey if you are willing to pay..you automatically get in...the WCC in sac is like 45,000---just for LVN..then you have to go through their RN program b/c I don't think a community college is going to approve the same credits for LVN-RN bridge..this is where they get you...so you probably have to dish out another 50,000 to finish the RN program...if you graduate from their LVN program you also aren't guaranteed to get admitted into the RN program!!! AHHHHH....I just wish there was a school in the middle of nowhere that no one knew about and they needed nursing students!!!! I am so sick of waiting that I am also considering dental hygiene too... Well good luck to you!