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  1. Well, I'm leery of these things. I have three telecourses this semester where I take the tests on campus and it seems I absolutely must learn the material before taking the test. With these web based courses where you take the timed tests online, do you feel less motivated to learn the material because you know you can open your book and peek? Or are the tests GEARED towards knowing people will use their books and therefore they are harder and you must use the book or you will fail? lol... halp. I've got History 1301 starting, (BSN req. course) web based only, and I'm scared to open that test and take it!!

    Anyone taking any web based courses with tests online?

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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Well, the one class that i have online, the test has a timer and 50 questions. Which doesn't leave much time to thumb through a book to look up the answers.

    Since we do have to be IN a classroom for a the final (which is 65%, ouch, of the grade), it really isn't beneficial for people to try and use their book for a test.

    Just for myself, i wouldn't use a book during a test, because then, how am i proving to myself that i know this material? Not to mention i won't be able to use the book on the final, so why set myself up for a harder final exam (like it's not going to be hard enough on its own.....).
  4. by   Catsmeow
    ~noddin~ I guess my concern is, and perhaps I won't know this unless I ask the instructor though I'm a little reluctant to, is do they gear the tests harder based on the fact they figure people will have their books and notes nearby? Will I be at a disadvantage in the course if I don't? They give you 2 hours for these tests (history) with essays. Bleh, why'd I take a web course anyway. LOL Maybe you're right and it just doesn't matter, if I study well enough I should do fine, I spose.

  5. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    I'd go ahead and ask the instructor. Mine said his tests wewren't any harder, but he made up severral different tests with different questions, so that there was less of a chance of students cheating off of each other.
  6. by   Tweety
    I am less inclined to memorize and overlearn like I used to, but I do all the work and try to learn and understand.

    This way I can answer most of the questions quickly and have time to look up stuff I don't know. I have my books and notes open ready for me to flip through.

    My tests for Western Civ. are going to be 50 question timed tests, so I'd best know most of prior to taking the test.