Watch a webcast of an entire semester of A&P, Chemistry, or Biology from UC Berkeley. - page 2

The webcasts are lectures, and are broken down by days. (I updated the links) Here is the A&P Webcast: Here is the chemistry webcast:... Read More

  1. by   akspudus
    I totally got into Podcasts. All of the above linked lectures are available as Podcasts. St. Scholastica also has some great podcasts.
    I have listened to the A&P lectures from UC Berkely...but the A&P podcasts from St. Scholastica are even better. If you have Itunes, go to the Itunes store and do a search for secondary education podcasts. There are 100's of them. Some are not so good...but some are great.
  2. by   blueyesue
    Podcasts are great for learning on the go. I for some reason learn best visually. I enjoy seeing the teacher taking notes and pointing to certain things. It sort of reinforces it. (For us who need that) Thanks for sharing.
  3. by   Nurse Allison
    I'm taking A&P I next semester and have watched 1 1/2 of the lectures as well. I appreciate these being posted :spin: I'm using my break to become familiar with the material.
  4. by   blueyesue
    That's exactly what I am doing as well. Looks like a good head start is what I need.
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  5. by   tinkyboo
  6. by   bamwife06
    Now You Talking!!!!!!!!! I Love This I Will Be Taking Some Of These Cousres This Year And I Am So Happy That There Are People Like You Who Have Links Like These. In My Spare Time I Will Review The Lectures And Prep Myself For My Next Semester. The Info Is Wonderful And Very Helpful.
  7. by   ukbsktbll
    how do you watch the video. when I click on Watch Webcast it downloads a .rm file and thats it. Its rather small so I wasnt sure what to do with it
  8. by   BouBou
    I think the webcast is now closed. I watched them before, however when i tried recently they no longer worked.
  9. by   blueyesue
    If you use these links below they work. I just tried them. Click on the eye. I did have to change them on the first thread a few days ago.

    Here is the A&P Webcast:

    Here is the chemistry webcast:

    Here is the General Biology webcast:

    Addition to list by request of sunnyjohn:

    List of webcast courses:
  10. by   prettynpink00029
    This is very useful information. Thank you so much for sharing!!!:angel2:
  11. by   albedo
    I don't like Kubinec. His jokes are not funny at all. Everytime he tells people a joke, he is the only one laughing....
  12. by   UM Review RN
    Thanks so much for posting this. I've saved the links so I have something to do when I can't sleep. It's a valuable refresher for all of us.
  13. by   JeanettePNP
    Anyone else find the smug attitude gets old after a while? "You're students in U-Cal Berkeley. That means you're smart. Very smart. And everyone in this room is just as smart or smarter than you are." :icon_roll