Want to go into Nursing, Need advice :)

  1. well i am sure there are many threads that start off this way but i figure i would post my own (=

    i am in my mid 20s and want to pursue a career in nursing. i went to college a few years ago and have 60 credits from a MIS degree i was working for. realized i hated it and dropped out and have been working in IT ever since.

    well i am miserable and i always had a dream to work in a hospital and well i think it is time to make that dream a reality (=

    so i was wondering... where do i get started? i was looking up the different ways to become a registered nurse and i wonder if the credits i have will transfer towards the 4 year degree? what are these waiting lists everyone keeps telling me about?

    to be honest i am not even 100% sure what a nurse does in a hospital. is there a list of different types of nurses and what they are responsible for? i think i would like to be somewhere exciting where things never get boring and i can help as many people as possible (= i do not wanna get stuck in some doctor's office doing nothing but filling out paperwork and weighing people/checking blood pressure all day that is no fun and i would not be able to make any difference that way.

    i called about volunteering at a hospital yesterday and figured that would be a good first step. i just hope she calls back soon!

    oh goodness i had so many questions but now that i am writing this i forgot them all well hopefully i will remember some and add them to the thread....

    oh yea. after i finish school, is it possible to find a job somewhere and move? are nurses in demand? i really do not care much about pay but i want to make sure i can move out of this craphole i am in and make enough to live (=

    thanks for any replies!

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  3. by   shippoRN
    Hi Lani
    Well what made you want to go into nursing?
    I can give a little advice and im sure the allnurses crew can add some more.

    Good start with trying to get some volenteer work in a hospital, if you haven't a clue as to what a nurse does, some exposure will definately give you an idea.

    You should check out schools in your area, just pick one closest to you or one you are interested in and start there. Look at their requirements, visit the school, talk to an admissions rep, take your transcripts with you. If you think you will be nervous or going to forget stuff write down all the questions in regards to the school and program before you go.

    Also don't discount ASN programs

    Investigate as many schools as you can and weight you options and what you think will be best for you in the long run.

    Yes, once you have graduated from school and pass your boards, i am sure your school will have a job placement program or open houses to help you out.

    But before you get to the job part, make sure you get some expereince, it would suck big time if you start investing time and money into this blindly and end up hateing it

    Us allnurses pre-nursing students are very supportive and always willing to help the best we can

    Good luck to you

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  4. by   cursedandblessed
    I'm not sure what MIS degree is. My English's, speech classes, humanities all are accepted. Even though I took them 9 years ago. If I'd have taken the statistics then, it would have been accepted as well. For my community college the anatomy/physiology I and II and Microbiology can't be over 5 years old.

    Why do you want to be a nurse? Is it because you want to help people?? Think about it. Look at all the nursing websites you can find, what really interests you about nursing?? I've wanted to be a nurse since I was 8 years old, my high school memory book has clippings about different nursing schools that I cut out over 20 years ago. It's always been my dream, but I always let something get in the way. I know the next three years are going to be hard, but now I've decided that I will accept a B in a class if that's the best I can do. If I have to borrow money, so be it. I've decided that nothing will get in the way of my goal. My husband understands this as well.
  5. by   MB37
    discovernursing.com has a lot of general info and links to what nurses do as well, if you want to check that out