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  1. Hi, I am a second degree student doing prerequisites to apply to an accelerated program next fall. The only time they offer anatomy with a lab is during this coming spring but since I'm a non-degree student I don't get to register until much later than everyone else. There is already a waitlist for the class and I don't register for another week. Do people get off waitlists pretty quickly? Would emailing the professor or the dept help my chances of getting if I explain to them my situation or is just first come first serve depending on who shows up the first day of class? Also, there are a lot of different lab time slots, do I have to go to every lab the first day of class until one of them has an open spot? Thanks for your help, I'm just a little worried.
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  3. by   ohgreat
    I would definitely e-mail each professor AND show up to class on the first day and see if you can snag someone's seat who didn't show up. At my previous school, this is how a person in your situation would go about getting a seat. And yes, I would go to every one if you are able to attend class during those times.
  4. by   brittany_micah
    I agree! I would email the professor or dept head, that happened in our lab class and our teacher told us that if we did not get in and would just come talk to her she would make sure to squeeze us in somewhere. It may not be the time/day we would like, but that was okay with me. Also, a lot of people at my school are dropped for non-payment or their financial aid falling through...so that might help too. Good Luck!
  5. by   nohika
    I'd definitely contact the professor to see what their policies are...where I live, if you can get in to a lab, you can get into the lecture of your choice.

    Also, if you get in to neither, if you show up for each lab you can attend, and lecture, as well, at the end of the week the professor will "lottery off" the spots from which people have dropped (for whatever reason) after the first week.