Waiting list

  1. "patience is passion tamed."

    great quote for those of us on the waiting list.

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  3. by   Livenlearn
    I am right there with you AZSamantha. I have been waiting since February. Nice to know there are others waiting with me. I honestly wish all the qualified nurses could get into nursing school.

    Patience is a virtue...as they say. I believe I have learned to be a bit more patient during the last 5 months...
    Now send me that acceptance letter already!!! :bowingpurPlease!!
  4. by   SNIXRN
    yeah, i've been waiting since june 2007 and i'm hoping i'll be in by jan '09 but there are now 1800 people on the waiting list now. grrr.
  5. by   Kimberley.RN
    WOW! 1800??? And I thought California was bad. I'm sorry. Hope the list goes quickly for you.