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Hello fellow pre-nursing students, I was wondering if any of you know what happens if someone is on the wait list for University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). Would I be just a sitting duck until... Read More

  1. by   Irinasal
    Hey Lela20,
    Nope, unfortunately I did not hear from UIC, which is a shame. I was actually expecting at least a letter of denial, but hey, paper is expensive now-a-day.
    I am currently going to Truman and I am very happy with the program. Eventually will go back and get my BSN.
  2. by   StyleNurse, BSN, RN
    hi! I am currently in the process of applying to UIC for fall 2011. I was wondering if u could please tell me what ur stats were? how much volunteer experience did u have, GPA? also how is truman's program? cuz i don't have high hopes for getting into UIC so i may apply there as well.

  3. by   anna_banana
    I only ever heard good things about Truman, aside from the HESI debacle which, if I understand correctly, has been resolved. With your stats and prereqs done, I'm sure you can get in there. But don't discount UIC, keep the hope alive!!! Several of my classmates DO NOT have 4.0 GPAs, I think alot of weight is put on experience, essays, and recommendation letters. And in regards to your question about 2 months of volunteering, I think it still will mean something, if not for the October deadline than definitely for the January one. I only started volunteering in August and I applied in January. Just talk about your hospital experience and especially experience with nurses in your essays, play it up

    Have you considered NIU? It's not as competitive as UIC but it is way out there in DeKalb. I got accepted there and at Truman, and I was trying to decide between the two when I got off the UIC waitlist.

    I hope to see you there next fall!
  4. by   Irinasal
    Brown eye,

    Good luck with UIC, and thank you Hanna for clearing the question regarding Truman and UIC. Hanna is right, do not give up hope. My advise to you is to apply to as many school as you can.
    I like Truman, it works for me. By the way Hanna, how are you hanging ? I dont think I had a day off since I started in August.
  5. by   StyleNurse, BSN, RN
    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I haven't really thought about NIU but I might look into it. I may just apply to Truman as well. I will keep hope alive for UIC though and I hope to see u next fall too Hanna! =)