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I really need some advice here. I cant decide if I should do a vocational school that will take alot less time or go to City College that will for sure take a really long time. Does it really matter... Read More

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    So there are no vocational schools around that have two year associate's in nursing? There are a ton of them - and of course they're MUCH more expensive than community college - in Florida. The one year program at the vocational colleges is an LVN program.
    The OP is in California, so perhaps not. It's not the case in NY, either; Associates degrees (in nursing) are offered only at CCs as far I have learned. There are Associate degrees in other fields offered in NYS at technical colleges (not exactly vocational schools, there's a difference, most notably in that they are actual colleges). In any event, I'm unaware of any Associates degree that might be awarded upon completion of a one-year program. I imagine the options vary by State in many ways.

    Our LPN (same as LVN) programs at the vocational schools are one-year, and no degree designated.
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    I really need some advice here. I cant decide if I should do a vocational school that will take alot less time or go to City College that will for sure take a really long time. Does it really matter where you went to school when looking for a job? I know its alot more expensive to go to a vocational school but the time thing is an issue for me. I am just worried that its not as good as reg college. I am also wondering how it will work later on if I want to become an RN. Can I just go back to reg school and take the classes to become an RN even if i graduated from a vocational school??

    My husband wants me to do the 2 yr vocational program since its fast but I'm just not sure thats going to be good in the long run.

    Any advice?? TIA!
    BEWARE of private vocational schools. I am a successful LVN. I have been to public colleges (I am attending one now for my RN) and went to a private vocational school in the Antelope Valley area in So. Calif. for my LVN. Public colleges have a chain of command and protocols to follow. They are more regulated. If you are having a problem in the class there is always someone to go to. BEWARE of vocational schools who grade on a curve! They fool the student into thinking he/she is passing, then when the last installment of the student loan is paid to the school, they take the money and drop the student, keeping the money and the student is SOL. They do this in an attempt to protect their NCLEX pass rates. They will drop students at the end of the year whom they feel will have no chance of passing the NCLEX! The student never gets a chance after all of that hard work! The student is stuck with a $19,000 student loan and no recourse and no chance to sit for the NCLEX. Another tactic is that the class and clinical instructor will give you your grade for the quarter and you will sign for it, then the CEO (based on vendettas and/or whims) will just drop the student's grade, lower the score. The student has no recourse. The individuals involved refuse to discuss the issues with the students. In a public college, a student can go to the Dean, not so with the private vocational schools. Another game they play is to tell the student to study chapters 1-5 for a test, then test the student on chapters 27-35 (for example). The students again have no recourse and the CEO refuses to correct the wrong. I have seen instructors in private vocational schools give the students answers prior to class tests. The students have yet to pass the NCLEX. In vocational schools politics are paramount. If you can't play politics and are not good at "Kissing up to the right people" as far a staff goes, forget it. You better keep your grades high and your nose clean or you're out. After my experience with Vocational schools and public colleges, I will ALWAYS choose a public college and will NEVER recommend a private vocational school, especially the one I attended. If you are interested in a private vocational school, interview a lot of nurses, not the students the school recommends - they are handpicked and will not give an honest review. Also look up their NCLEX pass rates. Don't believe advertisment. My school was advertising 100% pass rate, but they were kicking students out that they felt had no chance after taking all of their money, the pass rate for this school now is 68%. Find out how they grade. Ask local hospitals about the school. I believed the staff when they said we would do our clinicals locally. After we were committed to the curriculum, we found out we had to drive almost 200 miles round trip because that school was not welcomed in any of the local hospitals. I wish I had done more research. At least now I have my license and I am making $25/hr working registry and going to RN school. Nursing is a FABULOUS career. I am not unhappy I made the decision to become a nurse, just in my choice of schools. :angryfire
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    Advice, just go to RN school if you can. I did the LVN first so I can make more money and pay my way through RN school. I had no one to help support me. After getting your LVN, you can go to RN school. Your LVN education goes toward RN school required curriculum. I have only 9 more courses to go!
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    Me me me here me. I too thought of all options before going back to school. I already had some pre recs. It is no contest in my mind. A RN program is usually 2 yr but you need the pre recs. You can knock thoe out as fast as you want at a community collrege with online reg semesters and summer sessions. There are BSN RN programs and certifictes that are usually 2 years as well. As a RN in TEXAS you can make from $18 -45 dollars and hr depending on job experience and if you are willing to work nights weekend or agency. You are respected among Doctors on a higher level because of course you have more education. Anyone wanting to be a medical assist. Those schools cost thouands all for a $8 hr job. If you know your smart. Be smart go for what is worth your time and money. Every LVN I know wants her or his RN. Good LUCK Make wise well thought out choices. smile too.