Very discouraged

  1. I had to drop a&p 1. I don't know why I was doing so bad on the tests. I was understanding it with my study group. My plan is when I take it again, to have a 2 hour break. One hour to be in our success center and another for lunch. I will also try to find a teacher that is more available to the students. I am going to still look over the book while I am not in it as well. Any other suggestions?
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  3. by   missmollie
    You say that you understood everything in your study group so I have to assume the problem was with your tests. Did you take the time to go to your professor and look over the exam? And if so, did you notice anything about the questions you missed?

    For the next semester, if you didn't have a tape recorder for class I would recommend buying one, recording every lecture, and listening to the most recent recording until you completely understand it. Utilizing khan academy, physiology cd's (if your book came with one), You Tube videos, and doing all the chapter exercises in the book will be a big help. You can do this! Don't get discouraged!
  4. by   ashleyjbholmes
    ,We have CDs and my group made flash cards on quizlet with them. This teacher I had wouldn't tell the class what was on the test and he wouldn't make office time available. I was thinking about recording him on my iPad, but most of our teachers don't allow it. I was thinking about going in our tutoring center and asking some of the biology student tutors for ideas on which teacher might be a good choice for me. I got all As last semester so I know I am not dumb. It is very frustrating when I can look at the vocab list and know exactly where it is.
  5. by   Tyler626
    In the real world and in nursing school your teachers won't tell you what's on your tests so I'd get over that aspect. Just hang in there and look for some YouTube videos of processes you don't understand.... There are some very helpful ones on there
  6. by   ashleyjbholmes
    Thank you to you as well. I understand that i can't go just by my lecture notes, I do study the book as well. I just brought up that because it seemed like that was what the first reply was getting at. Everyone is so helpful here