Vent- stupid college and Chem 2

  1. I am so upset! The community college near us just started fall registration and does NOT have Chem 2 (organic) in the fall! I need it so I can apply to nursing school (12 month accelerated program) by Dec. 31 because they are changing admission policies after that. So, this summer, I am driving 2 hours to take Chem 1 at another college (not offered at the one here) and will have to take A&P at the same college in the fall on the weekends because their course is 6 credits and counts as 2 classes at the college here. I at least thought I could take Chem here in the fall! I do home daycare so it isn't like I have a flexible schedule! GRRRR!!

    Sorry for the vent, I need 4 classes by the end of the year and it has been so hard (and stressful) figuring out how to do it. The college here is run by idiots! I am taking on online Biol class at the nearby college this summer, and you wouldn't believe how rude and unhelpful these people are. To get a loan, all I needed was a letter saying how much tuition was and the class dates. They would NOT do it until some time AFTER the drop date! am I supposed to pay for the class if I can't get financing until well after it starts??
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  3. by   misserlizzer
    I dont know what to say other than I can tell you need a hug. :icon_hug:

    ~ CeraLeigh
  4. by   destined2bCRNA
    That doesn't sound right. Have you tried to talk to someone over that person? What you're asking for is quite common.
  5. by   justme1972
    Here is a suggestion for you...find out who teaches Chem II class where you are now. Go to that professor and explain your dilema.

    SOME professors may agree to teach you Chem II by independent study. It's easy on them because they can use tests they used from the previous semester, and you can show up to the current lab, but he might give you a different experiment to do...something like that.

    Your situation is a common problem with smaller schools where they teach the first part of a course in the first part of the semester and the second part in the Spring.
  6. by   hoopskirthippie
    That's so frustrating! What I had to do is sign up through my local community college for an online course -- in that case, A&P, but chemistry was also available. Hope this helps!