VENT! Boy has my school caused some mess

  1. Ok, I go to a Private University. Let me say that in our catalog for school there is a "rules/regulations can change without notice."

    Now, here is how my very costly school works.
    1. You have to take an entrance exam which is 45 questions, you have 25 minutes to get at least 24 of them right. The questions are various things from English to math.
    2. If you make it passed that you take the NET, again having to get at least an 80% to get an interview with the school's nursing board.
    3. Nursing board interview pass results in acceptance into school.

    NOW the vent part. My specific class starts the core in January 08 and we have been taking pre req classes all year this year thinking that the entrance for January class was a 3.0 which at my school in pre reqs is a B (the lowest you can get).

    NOW, we are less than 2 weeks from starting and we get a letter in the mail, today, stating that due to the Chancellor making an executive decision the "get in to nursing core GPA" is now a 3.5 (a high B). EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!. WTH????????

    Now, I have a 4.0 and this doesn't individually effect me but the fact that of the 24 students who were supposed to start with me in Jan. 15 fall into the 3.0-3.49 GPA range. MEANING, they don't get to start in Jan. They have no chance to get a higher grade and the next open nursing class is not until Sept. 08, IF they can retake some of their classes and get their GPA's up in time. They are SO HURT and disappointed. I am so disappointed in my school and the faculty. I understand wanting to send out competent nursing students, keeping their first time pass rate high, and being able to charge more money being able to do both, but MAN is THIS a hard knock for so many students. Right before Christmas too... So discouraging for so many who have worked hard.....just so sad......

    Thanks for letting me vent....
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  3. by   Jilaweez sad for those students who thought they would be beginning this spring. I remember being soooooo excited when I got my acceptance letter and that excitement continued growing right up until that first day of class. A let down like that would've been very difficult to get through. I hope they can find the strength to retake those classes, raise up their GPA's and continue following their dreams...or find somewhere else to apply for next year. Best wishes to you as you begin your journey.
  4. by   xNursePinkx2b
    So they were accepted into the program for January? But now, because the school changed the gpa requirement they cant start until September IF they get there gpa up?? That doesn't seem right at all!! That change should be for the next round of admissions. That's why I don't like private schools, they can do anything and get away with it!!
  5. by   caliotter3
    My public school screwed me in a similar manner so I can relate to this. If I were any one of those students, I would simply take my business elsewhere. Nobody should be treated in that manner. The school administration knows that the rule change should take effect with the next incoming group. Good luck to you. I hope they don't decide to change something else midstream, that places you in a tight spot or places your graduation in jeopardy.