Unit Clerk or Nursing Assistant

  1. Hi, today I received a call from the local children's hospital for either a Unit Clerk position in the CICU/Cardiac Step down or for a Nursing Assistant job in the PACU. My ultimate goal is to become a nurse (I'm currently waiting to hear back from the programs I've applied to). I had to make a quick decision on if I wanted to interview for the Unit Clerk position or the Nursing Assistant position and I picked the Unit Clerk position because I didn't want the Nurses to be angry with me if I don't know something being a Nursing Assistant with 0 experience. Did I make the right choice in selecting the Unit Clerk job?
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  3. by   Davey Do
    Well, if you're qualified for either position, jr1991, I guess I would have advised the Nursing Assistant position since you'd be working in a medical area providing direct care to patients which is primarity what nurses tend to do.

    However, the Unit Clerk position is good too. I worked with a lady who went, in matter of a few years, from Unit Clerk to LPN to RN to temporary Supervisor of the Geriatric Psych Unit.

    Good luck to you, jr91!