unaccredited new school? HELP!!!

  1. Hi! I have an oppty. to begin school this fall at a brand new state of the art nursing school at a well-known college. The program is a ADN program. small classes at a private university. ALthough I have my BA in another degree, my gpa is not competitive-just a 3.0 and i haven't taken my pre-reqs yet. the wait lists at the universities and community collges where i live are two years and the BS programs are competitive.

    regardless. this great new school just opened. it is not accredited yet, because it is new but i am positive it will be in the next few years. i know one faculty member at the school-the school has an excellent reputation for its science health programs. it has a medical school, law school, pt, ot, slp programs that are all highly regarded and accredited. i cannot see this one not becoming accredited in the next few years it's already on it's way but it just opened. also... this school has an affiliate that is accredited in another state that has an RN-MSN program online, so if all else fails, i can go to that school.

    any advice? or just wait it out? not wanting to wait years....
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  3. by   sunnyjohn

    Can they show you or share with prospective students their plan for accredidation? Have they listed the plans with the state BON and accrediting bodies? Are all their other porgrams regionally accredited as well as accredited with appropriate healthcare bodies?

    What kind of vibe do you get when you talk to the professors? Will you be in the first or second class?

    This actually sounds like a good opportunity. All things considered I might take it!

    p.s, If you don't mind, could you PM or post the name of the school?

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  4. by   allthingsbright
    Well, accreditation does take a few years...I would be really tempted especially with all the long waits and competitiveness out there...

    I guess you just have to make the decision based on what you know. It IS a gamble...does your state BON recognize the school graduates for the NCLEX? Make sure you call them because you obviously need to be able to test for your liscense. Also, go to the school and get in writing their plans for accreditation (they usually have a formal plan) and ask LOTS of questions. New programs have LOTS of kinks to work out and you will be their lab rat.

    Check out the NLN accrediting site for more info on the process:

    And another good site on why accreditation is important from wiki:

    Good luck on whatever you choose!