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  1. Good afternoon all! Just wanna know is anyone else accepted to University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing for Fall 2007? Maybe I can make some friends before school starts...
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  3. by   mvanz9999
    No I am not. LOL!

    I am applying (and hope to get accepted) to UIC's Graduate Entry Program.
  4. by   ChicagoHopeful
    I'm hoping to be accepted but haven't heard yet. When did you find out? Congratulations!!
  5. by   destined2bCRNA
    mvanz9999- I'm praying for you!
    ChicagoHopeful, I applied for early decision in October and found out on Sunday December 16th. Tell me as soon as you hear- you can be my 1st new best friend, lol!
  6. by   ChicagoHopeful
    destined2bCRNA, I'll totally be your 1st new best friend if I get in!
    Are you finishing up prereqs this semester? Are you currently at UIC or somewhere else?

    mvanz9999, I'm also applying to the GEP program at UIC. I'm hoping to get into it or into the BSN program--I'll be happy with either. Good luck to you!!
  7. by   destined2bCRNA
    Yep, I'm currently at UIC taking Anatomy & Physiology II, Organic Chem, Nutrition, and Abnormal Psychology (for fun, lol).
  8. by   wildorchid
    I applied for early decision and was accepted into UIC's BSN program.
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  9. by   destined2bCRNA
    Wildorchid- my second new best friend :roll Yes, I dropped the deposit and confirmation off- hadn't heard from them so visited Andrea Schmoyer on Monday. She told me that they haven't set a date yet for orientation, but she will email all of us as soon as they do. By the way CONGRATULATIONS!!! As you can tell I'm so psyched, lol. A true nerd at heart...
  10. by   prinsessa
    Like I said before....I applied and am waiting for a letter. April just seems soooo far off! It doesn't help that the weather is bad and I am stuck inside all the time thinking about if I will get in or not. School helps a little to pass the time...
  11. by   sy33
    Congratulations on your acceptance, guys!

    And now for a few questions from someone who is a nervous wreck applying for Fall '08...

    1) Can you guys give me an idea of what your stats were or the overall average GPAs of the incoming class?
    -I'm really scared about my GPA because I really screwed up my freshman year of a cumulative GPA of a 2.8. And my question also involves... what determines the GPA they are looking for? The pre-req classes only? or ALL of the classes.. even if they were just like the CHEM 101 which was just the the prep chem class for CHEM 112 ? I also took Calc (for fun) which ended up screwing me over because I received a C in the class which brought me down tremendously because it was a 5 credit class.
    When I apply...
    -My cum GPA = 3.0
    -My pre-req GPA will be 3.4
    -My science GPA is 3.2

    I attended UIC during that freshman year and now I am currently at Oakton finishing up the rest of the pre-reqs (Orgo, A&P I and II, Nutrition, and Dev Psych), and will have a very high GPA of a 3.8-4.0.

    My second question is...
    2) Do you think they will see it as a step down that I'm now attending a community college(for any reason) but am doing phenomenal in? I'm really debating to myself if I should return to UIC for the upcoming spring semester in hopes of having some sort of advantage ?

    I know GPA is not the only think they consider, but I know it is VERY important. I heard the average GPA accepted now is about a 3.5!! blah
    I think other than my GPA will put me into a competitive running... I volunteer and shadow nurses a few hours every week, and I've gone through a CNA program over the summer.

    Any input would be appreciated. I'm such a nervous wreck because of my GPA that one year! I really want to get into UIC's BSN program.
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  12. by   walkerj
    Quote from destined2bCRNA
    Yep, I'm currently at UIC taking Anatomy & Physiology II, Organic Chem, Nutrition, and Abnormal Psychology (for fun, lol).

    What is it like? How are the professors?
  13. by   walkerj
    Quote from wildorchid
    I applied for early decision and was accepted into UIC's BSN program.
    How is the program?
  14. by   shahrukh
    Congratulations, u got accepted at the UIC!!!!
    I just wanted to ask u something since u got accepted...I am 19 yrs old and I have already sent my application and my current GPA is 4.0, but since I hadn't worked anywhere in hospitals, I am being scared if UIC will accept me as their BSN student...Do u think there is any chance of getting accepted??