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    I am applying for UALR's RN program in January 2016. I still need A&P I & II, Micro, and Chemistry. I am enrolled in A&P I and Micro for the Spring semester. Right now, without these classes, my gpa is a 3.2. Does anyone know if I might can still get accepted into the program without A&P I?
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  3. by   roser13
    Why not ask an academic counsellor at UALR (what/wherever that is). On such important questions as your education, best to go to the source than ask the Internet for opinions.
  4. by   sineadlatrice
    I know what I need to know as far as my education goes.. This is a question for students who are in the UALR nursing program or have been in it that was accepted without the class. I'm not sure you can help me if you do not even know anything about the school.

    Thanks anyway!
  5. by   ladyvp05
    You just have to be enrolled in it and pass by the end of spring semester. The ones in my class were put on the wait list until they sent in transcripts showing it was completed with a a C or better. I don't know if they've changed the rules so you may want to check.
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  7. by   jessie7881

    I also applied to UALR's RN program January 2016. I am currently enrolled in A&P I and still need A&P II. My understanding is that the board will wait until May 2016 for our grade in A&P I then recalculate our GPA to determine if we our accepted into the program.