Trolls or what?

  1. Now admins can ban me for this if they want but some of the threads I been seeing on here are on the ridiculous side. I'm not going to bust anyone out but people please just think before taking up space with simple minded threads. If you are in school and are having trouble understanding concepts or terminology, utilize your instructors office hours or find help from someone at your school. That is what school is for. If you are in your last semester of nursing school and don't know whether to finish or quit, just quit because there are other people who will love to be in your spot without any doubt. If you are frightened about the classes you are taking, maybe you should switch to a major that will cause you less stress and anxiety from the prerequisite work. Just a few thoughts. Good day my good people.
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  3. by   sirI
    This forum, the Pre-Nursing forum in which this thread was started, is for those who've yet to even enter a Nursing program.

    Many questions are expected to be redundant. Some will, by the simple fact the individual has yet to even be educated regarding terminology, clinical preparation, seem simple, easy, and glaringly obvious. Some of these Pre-Nursing members are extremely anxious almost to the point of panic as they consider such a drastic change in their lives as nursing school looms in on the horizon.

    Members who are irritated with those who post in this forum can just bypass it. In fact, it's probably best to do so as more than likely the replies will be unhelpful to the point of being rude. So, yes, it's best to just not even read posts in this forum for the easily-irritated individual.

    MANY members love to assist the Pre-Nursing student and these members are jewels.

    So, in saying this, will just close this thread as its purpose was to be divisive only. Remember our mission at AN: Be supportive