Traveling for School?

  1. Hi everyone!!

    I just got my acceptance letter to school! I AM SO EXCITED TO START!

    I was wondering how far each of you drive to school?? The only thing that is/was holding me back is the drive into my school. I live about an hour and 15-30 minutes from my school depending on traffic. Even though I'm accepting I'm still thinking about whether I want to go or not. I really love this school, and it's the only one around me.

    SO, how far does every one drive? Does this seem too far??

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    It's not too far if you really want it. Can you move somewhere closer?
  4. by   mitcheml98
    I'm thinking I'll just suck it up and drive haha! My fiancé and I actually live with his parents right now (for free). When I calculated up the cost of rent vs cost to drive to school, it's a lot cheaper to just drive. Thank you!!
  5. by   idkmybffjill
    I'm going to be 50 min to an hour away from the campus when I start in May and about an hour or so from the clinical sites. I hate driving personally, but it's going to be cheaper for me than renting an apartment that's closer. I also have a plan to see if I can find Youtube lectures each day to load up before I start my drive so I can at least use that time to review info covered in my classes. Or podcasts if I need time after away from learning.

    If this school is the only one near you, then go for it. It's the closest, and it's not like you couldn't later decide to move closer if you decide that you can't do the commute.