1. Would you drive 59 mins to school if it meant not having to submit teas and gaining acceptance into the Nursing program?
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  3. by   203bravo
    LOL -- I used to live in Atlanta where 59 min was considered a short commute to anywhere
  4. by   Glucagon
    No to the first part, but yes to the second. To me, avoiding a standardized test is not worth driving a long commute if there are other options that require the TEAS but are just as good, quality-wise, and are much closer. (Of course, I'm assuming there's a least a fairly big gap between your two options) It would be less hassle and time to study for and take the TEAS than to add a bunch of time onto a commute for I assume a year at least?

    Now, if that's the only program you get into or is the best option, then sure, drive that distance. I drive about that long to my program now.
  5. by   PartyTheNightAway
    2 hours commute (back and forth) is A LOT. How many days are you going to be on campus? And what are clinical? I personally wouldn't.
  6. by   hurricanekat
    If I get into my program I will be driving a minimum of that (its 1 hour at midnight and potentially 2 hours at 7am due to traffic). The other schools closer to me are 1) more expensive 2) require other pre-reqs 3) require the TEAS or HESI 4) in general will take longer to get into for potentially the same ABSN or an ADN.

    I wouldn't do it solely for the TEAS. If a week of studying will save you time over the course of the program then study - otherwise, use the car time to listen to lectures.