Transfer credit question

  1. Hi. I just have a question about credit transfer to CC.

    If I got my bachelor degree two months ago and am considering applying for the RN program, will I have to do all the general education requirements again? Or is it possible to transfer my work to this associate degree? I can't find anything online nor at the school website.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    In general, no. Specifically, some courses may not be considered "equivilent" as defined by the receiving institution. You need to take a copy of your transcripts to an advisor of the new school and have them evaluated. Good luck.

    I notice you are in CA. Most CC have articulation agreements with the CSU, UC system, so this should not be new. Also suggest you set up your mtg with a nrsg advisor.
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  4. by   albedo
    Well I did my lower div classes at a CC and then transfered to a UC. I will have to double check everything. Thanks for your quick reply. It makes me feel that there is still hope

    p.s. I think I should starting getting used to shorthands... what is mtg?
  5. by   Jules A
    You could probably get your BSN just as quickly as an ADN so you might want to look into the advanced standing bachelors programs at a university.
  6. by   caliotter3
    Came back here and noticed your ?. I get mixed up sometimes too. Depending upon the context, mtg could be an abbrev for meeting, as I meant it, or mortgage. We do have a thread going around about house selling today!
  7. by   albedo
    @ Jules A: I hold student visa, so it will be a lot cheaper for me to do it at CC.
    @ caliotter3: Hehe... I learn something today!
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