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My friend got in on her first try a year ago and now there is a 3-4 semester waiting list. You have to have all your pre-reqs done before you can even here I am busting my butt to... Read More

  1. by   coolpeach
    What state do you live in? What do you mean by waiting list?

    Here if I am not mistaken they do not use a waiting list. Each semester they have everyone apply, those with the highest points fill up the available spots, and those who don't get in have to reapply the next semester, but they get three bonus points for having previously applied.

    I don't like the sound of the waiting list.
  2. by   cjane
    Why don't you look into the hospitals in your area. One of the hospital systems in my city teach the LVN program and once you graduate you are required to work for the hospital system for 2 years. It is alot easier to get into the hospital program than waiting for the colleges.
  3. by   livinglighthouse
    Thanks for the encouragement.......

    I too am an older student with a family so moving isn't a possibility for me. I also live in a rural area so there are only 2 schools near enough to be a possibility. One is at BSN at the state university and the other an ADN at the community college.

    I'll definitely be working on BSN pre-reqs while I wait for entrance to the program (although I only have 2-3 classes to take)....but at least I can take my time.

    None of the hospitals have teaching programs at their hospital but they do all have tuition reimbursement programs. for 2 years of working after you graduate, I may look into that if I find the need/desire to work beforehand.

    I hope this thread encourages others that are flying in a holding pattern while waiting.
  4. by   chihuahuaman
    I am starting the nursing program in January. At that point I will have been on the wait list for 1 1/2 years. Originally I was told it would be 2 1/2 years. I'm now taking my non-nursing courses so I will decrease my workload in nursing school. Many of the people I am in class with have applied at multiple schools and are not intending to attend this school's nursing program. I hate waiting for things I want, but I've just had to continue with my life and realize it will arrive eventually. BTW I just turned 42.
  5. by   Kundera
    Adding to previous suggestions...

    In addition to taking your bachelors requirements, you could take some additional health classes offered at a community college or University. I had to put off applying to nursing school, and during this time I am taking community health classes that give me greater understanding of the larger aspects of health and health care.

    I like the idea of working as a cna at a local hospital-- you would learn a ton!