Took the PSB Exam, Thanks E1

  1. Hi all, After weeks of studying, my day finally came. I took the PSB exam last night and it was not as difficult as I thought. I actually think my studying was a little over kill. I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful advice. While it wasn't directly given to me, reading posts on this site helped me so much.

    For those preparing to take the PSB, I want to offer a little advice while it's still fresh in my head. For the most part, I feel that the test was pretty much "common sense". If you're smart enough to prepare for the exam, study, and come to a great board like this for advice, you'll do well. A strong foundation in Basic Math will get you through that portion also (I did over kill in algebra studying and didn't use any of that) The scariest part of the exam for me was the "Natural Science" portion. But even that wasn't so bad, 2 answers were definitely not correct, I felt that out of the other 2 answers I was able to narrow the answer down to 1, and I felt pretty good knowing that I had a 50/50 shot anyway. I did study hard for the Natural Science portion and I will be posting a couple of GREAT websites that I know will help you as well. Thanks again everyone. 80 people applied to the class, only 26 will be excepted. I'll receive my letter in 2 weeks.

    This is an entire Biology book online. (This is my #1 pic for studying Natural Science)

    PSB Practice Tests, for every portion of the test, if you pass this, you will do well on the PSB

    39 Biology Tests!!! This really helped!!!

    Hope this helps!!!
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  3. by   momtomany
    I'm happy that is was easier than you expected. I will be taking mine in 2 weeks and was wondering what was on the Science section. I am trying to study but it just seems to be a very broad amount of information and if I could condense some of it... I would probably feel ALOT better. I took a prep class last night and they handed out study material but even that is ranging from info on the human body to cell's down to the break down of rocks?????
    Also, how hard was the vocabulary(did you know most words?) as you can tell, I am petrified to take this test. Anything you can remember would really help..
    Thanks and Good Luck ;-)
  4. by   trenatl
    I have been taking pre-test and do great on everything but Science!!! Any help, comments, assistance would be very much appreciated by many, me included!!!
  5. by   FutureNeoNursing
    Congrats VAStudentNurse!! I took mine yesterday and I passed w/ Flying colors! I know I over studied for the science part...It really wasn't that hard as I was expecting, basically 8th grade science review like the school told me. I grabbed the biology demystified textbook from the library and it really helped me remember most of the science from my high school days The school only wanted the science and nursing portion for the pre entrance exam so Friday I take the Accuplacer for placement in Math and English. Study atoms and molecules,cells,know the anatomy of the eye, know the difference between diffraction,refraction. Study up on light and energy. Basic anatomy questions were on there so look up cardiovascular and digestive system for a quick review. Know kinetic energy and potential energy.That's what I can remember off the top of my dome lol If I remember anythin else I will post it.