To all Ethics students

  1. Had my first encounter with my professor...well, this class will be painful!
    The assignments are huge and tedious.....anyone else out here feel the same?
    We need to have an Ethics sticky to help each other with the upcoming endless essays and case studies. Anyone interested?
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  3. by   joyfulgal
    Sorry to hear that your ethics class is going to be so involved! I am currently taking Intro to Ethics and it really is not bad at all. As far as writing assignments and papers go we have 10 one page essays due throughout the course, one mid-term, which was take home, and then the final. Good luck, if you need support let me know!
  4. by   medhead
    I'm in intro to ethics too. Not so much homework intensive here, but the class material is difficult for me. I've heard that the tests are harder in this particular class due to the lack of homework. Add to the fact that my mind just doesn't think philosophically and I'm hurting. Throw any science or math at me and it's a piece of cake, but abstract philosophical concepts...I struggle with.
  5. by   stpauligirl
    Thanks for your responses. I will keep you in mind when the tough gets going. I have spent a considerable amount of time this weekend working on the end of chapter questions he gave us for homework....very time consuming!!!!! He even states in his syllabus that this class requires lots of work I will be busy, that's for sure. Good luck to everyone in your Ethics classes.