Titer Test, I am confused??

  1. I recently moved to a town and searched schools not knowing what i wanted to do, but came to an lvn program 2 months before everything was due. i have had 2 hep b shots and the nursing program says that i can get a titer to tell if i can be in the class, will this even work if i havent had the 3 shot. I was mislead and excepted into their spring of 07 classes, should i even persue it, will it turn out ok??I have about 8 weeks before clinicals start??? please help!!
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  3. by   smattles1of2
    Well, my school accepts you even if you don't have all 3 shots done, but show proof that you have started them, so you should be ok. Just call up the school and ask about it.

    I had to have titers to show immunity since I couldn't show proof of my shots from many many years ago!
  4. by   JaxiaKiley
    It's easier to show proof of shots than immunity because the shots don't always work

    My school would accept it if you had the first two and just needed to get the 3rd. Be sure to check with your school. Is your 3rd shot due before clinicals start?
  5. by   bbsmom
    I am just scared that my teh titer will be bad and i willnot be able to continue school, the last shot was about Nov.27 and clinicals start in feb. sometimes?
  6. by   Princess74
    Well spring 07 starts the begining of Jan at most schools but most schools will let you sign a waiver. You can also go ahead and get the 3rd shot early, my Dr is doing that for me because I didn't have the time to get all 3 either. Your titer may be fine with the 2nd shot, Don't worry it will work out fine.
  7. by   smattles1of2
    If the titer is bad they'll just give you the immunization again. I had rubiola or whatever forever ago but my titer was bad, so they gave me a shot. $50 later...
  8. by   bbsmom
    Thanks that was really sweet, answered all of the ?,thanks again.
  9. by   romie
    Be aware that for some reason, not every individual will convert/ develop antibodies for Hep B, no matter how many times you have the series. It will not end your nursing career and your clinical instructors should be prepared to deal with students who don't convert. I know that I personally have had the series about three times and have only developed bare minimum antibodies according to my titers. My school is just fine with it.