ThE WAIT For Acceptance IS TORTURE!!!!

  1. Hi Guy and Gals, I'm Contessa. I am a Pre- Nursing student and I have applied to a couple of Adn Fall 2018 Programs near the Houston area. I am having a crap load of anxiety while waiting out this time to see if I got accepted or not. NOBODY warned me that the time between the deadline and finally knowing if one is accepted is a beast. I have checked my email 50 times a day. (Hoping they sent out letters early), as well as stalked each schools website. Has anyone else been in this slumber of wanting to know but scared to know at the same time?? Ahhhhhh!!!!! I feel like a kid at Christmas time!!!
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  3. by   klp2006
    ABSOLUTELY! Which schools did you apply to? Lone Star just sent out their letters. Luckily, there was a great thread that many of us applicants created here for our school which helped as we all commiserated in the wait. Best of luck to you!
  4. by   Tmacky2
    Hello klp2000!!! I applied to The College of The Mainlands and Alvin Community College. I didn't apply to Lone Star though! How long was Lone Star's wait??
  5. by   Quota
    I went through this last year. Application deadline was mid January and we didn't hear about getting in until April 7th. Long tortuous wait for sure. Good luck and I hope you hear something soon.
  6. by   Tmacky2
    Thank you so much!!! And yes, I hope I hear something soon as well, before I pull all my hair out waiting!!
  7. by   klp2006
    Applications opened in January and we found out first week of April. For some people it was crazy long! I finished my pre-reqs the week before the end of the application period so I only had a few weeks to wait, and that was torture! Since admission is based solely on best scores, I was confident I would be admitted into the college but wasn't sure if I would make my 1st choice which is the most exclusive bc my score was around the historic cut for that location. I did wind up getting in to my 1st choice! So relieved to get that email but now the wait is for orientation and to get started! It's almost more annoying knowing it's real but not starting right away. At least for me...
  8. by   jess.mont
    I hated waiting to hear, too, and then there's the wait before school starts, and then there's the time before clinicals start...are you sensing a theme here?!!

    I know everyone always says it'll go by so fast, but there are definitely slow periods, too! Fingers crossed that you hear the news you're hoping for soon.
  9. by   jwal81
    Hahaha...great thread! Yes I think a lot of ppl are in your boat! I submitted my 1st application for nursing school this past March, this is a 2nd degree for me and I really didn't think I would be a crazy thread stalker...but I do the same thing you do. I've heard from some that this school will send and email to say check your portal, then have read that for some their portal changed but no email. So yes, between checking the thread to see if anyone else has updated, and then checking my app status, and my email to include inbox, junk, promotions, spam, and any other inbox that may exist, I find that I end up on a past semester's thread to "research" when they found out lol. REALLY what I should be doing is concentrate on the 1 class I'm taking and just start studying for the other entrance exam I need to take to be able to apply to a few more schools...and HOPEFULLY I will find out soon. Writing this tells me what I should do...but I'm here right now instead of doing any of that so I think I know how this story will continue until I find out of luck!
  10. by   Tmacky2
    I FORGOT about the orientation wait!! Dang!!! More anxiety!!! So when I do get accepted, I guess I should expect to have anxiety all the way to NCLEX
  11. by   Tmacky2
    Thank you so much!!! And yes!! Anxiety all the way until Passing NCLEX!! Hahaha!!
  12. by   Tprofitt
    Yea.... the anxiety never goes away, even after the 30th exam you have its still the same. Im weeks away from taking NCLEX. excited to be finishing, but nervous at the same time!!
  13. by   BzeMom
    Quote from Tmacky2
    Hello klp2000!!! I applied to The College of The Mainlands and Alvin Community College. I didn't apply to Lone Star though! How long was Lone Star's wait??
    I'm from that area and both of those schools are good. Good luck to you!
  14. by   Apple-Core
    I'm not in your state, but it is the same wherever you are, yes! The wait is brutal. Then all of a sudden, an email pops into your inbox and the wait to begin starts. Now I'm wrapping up Block 1, and it has absolutely flown by. But I will never forget the anxiety of waiting - it drove me insane! LOL!