The Dream Job

  1. So I was looking at some job postings and I found the one I know I'm going to love.

    OR nurse for Neurosurgery. I want to do this for a few years then go to CRNA school (not sure where though). I would love, LOVE to get this job out of the gate but the reality is probably not in favor BUT it's possible.
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  3. by   NP Sam
    Even though CRNAs work in ORs you have to be an ICU nurse for two years minimum. OR nursing does not count. I work in the OR so I know that isn't possible for me.
  4. by   Stephalump
    I agree, you may want to start dreaming about iCU jobs, not OR jobs!
  5. by   pco8
    Really?!! Wow I didn't know that! Thank you for the heads up! Any specific ICU departments I should look in to?