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Hi All, I'm new here. I'm currently a pre-nursing student in Indiana. I found you all because I did exactly what I swore I wasn't going to do, lol. I opened my TEAS prep manual before I finished... Read More

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    i am new to the board and i suck so bad in math i am as slow as molasses but i am determined and positive just tell me what anyone can remember about the math and science section and i will greatly appreciate it
    The math section and all other sections of the TEAS are timed. There is some algebra, percentages, fractions, word problems, graphs. Know how to find the hypotenuse of a triangle, ratio proportion, and metric conversions. My suggestion would be to study the manual and really practice those math problems if you are generally slow in math. We had maybe a little over a minute per question. Practice, practice and practice some more. As far as science is concerned, there is physics, chem, bio, and scientific reasoning. Study the manual!!! What helped me to ease anxiety was purchasing the practice assessment from the ATI website. You can take it twice, (same exact test), but it was the same exact format (not questions) for the exam. The practice assessment was 100 questions and the actual exam is 170 questions. The one thing I do advise is to not skip studying for english. It has the most questions in the whole exam. I studied so much for science thinking that I knew english already and english is what brought my composite score down. The english is kinda tricky, just make sure you go over it. You'll be fine When you do the math practice assessment, time your self, 45 questions in about 50 mins. Anything else you want to know just ask.....
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    I recommend ATI, also.
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    which study guide there 2 the one with the blue cover and a yellow and white on. i believe both are from ati.

    please advise.

    thank you

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    I bought an ATI book it is red and white. only so idk...